• Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) is a means that of assembling taxation in India, beneath the Indian Taxation Act of 1961. Any payment coated beneath these provisions shall be paid when deducting the  prescribed proportion. It is  managed by the Central Board for Direct Taxes (CBDT) and is an element of the Department of Revenue managed by Indian Revenue Service (IRS).  Assesses are  additionally needed to file quarterly income to CBDT. TDS Return state the TDS subtracted & paid to government throughout the Quarter to which it relates.

Pre-Requisites for Uploading TDS Statement

 To transfer TDS, user ought to hold valid TAN and will be registered in e-Filing.

 Statement ought to be prepared using Ready Preparation Utility (RPU) and validated using the File Validation Utility (FVU).

 Valid Digital Signature Certificate ought to be registered in e-Filing. (In order to transfer  DSC)

Procedure to transfer TDS Statement:


Step 1: In e-Filing Homepage, Click on “Login Here” as shown in picture below.


Step 2: Enter User ID (TAN), Password, and Captcha. Click Login.


Step 3: Post login, visit TDS  transfer TDS


Step 4: within the type provided, choose the acceptable statement details from the drop

down boxes for

 FVU Version

 twelve month

 type Name

 Quarter

 transfer kind


TDS are often uploaded from twelvemonth 2010-11.

 solely Regular Statements are often uploaded in e-Filing portal.

Step 5: Click Validate to Validate Statement details.


Upload TDS Statement victimization DSC

Step 6: “Upload TDS nada file”: transfer the TDS/TCS statement


Step 7: “Attach the Signature file” transfer the signature file generated  DSC. Management Utility for the uploaded TDS file. For any details on generating Signature file click here. Navigate to Step by Step Guide for Uploading nada File (Bulk Upload).

Step 8: Click on “Upload” button.

Once the TDS is uploaded, success message are going to be displayed on the screen. A confirmation mail is shipped to the registered email id.


To View the Filed TDS statement, the steps are as below:

Step 1: Login to e-Filing, visit TDS.


Step 2: within the type provided, choose the small print from the change posture boxes for monetary

Year, type Name and Quarter severally that the TDS was uploaded.

Step 3: Click on “View Details”.

Step 4: The standing of the TDS uploaded is displayed.


Once uploaded the standing of the statement would be “Uploaded”. The uploaded file is going to be

processed and valid. Upon validation the standing are going to be either be “Accepted” or “Rejected” and would be mirrored at intervals twenty four hours from the time of transfer.

Step 5: just in case if “Rejected”, the rejection reason are going to be displayed.

If the standing is “Rejected”, click on the Token variety to look at the error details.

Thus with the help of the above mentioned process , a person can easily file his E TDS Return . For more information , you can contact Legal  Raasta .


What is the process of filing E-TDS Return?
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